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Explore Moliets and its surroundings

Moliets et Maâ is a pretty village in the Landes located in the heart of Aquitaine, in the South-West of France. This typical village, located north of Biarritz, is in the heart of the Landes forest, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its vast main beach of fine white sand, and for its famous golf course, considered one of the most beautiful for its quality and its geographical location. Moliets is a lively year-round community with a population of about 1 200 inhabitants, rising to 40 000 in the summer season. It is known for the villas that line the coastline and for being a village that is 100% integrated into nature thanks to the Huchet Current reserve. This seaside resort has a rich natural heritage with picture-postcard landscapes such as the Moliets and Prade ponds, but also a cultural and religious heritage, making Moliets-et-Maâ an unspoilt place to visit. Enjoy our <a href="/"> 4-star campsite in Moliets et Maâ</a> during your holiday and take the opportunity to go for walks and hikes with family or friends. Our establishment, located in Moliets, is the perfect place to book your holiday in the Landes.

What to see in Moliets

Your stay in Moliets et Maâ is the perfect opportunity to visit the nature reserve of the Huchet Current and the Moliets and La Prade ponds. A must for fishing enthusiasts, these two magnificent water reservoirs invite you to take beautiful walks and represent an exceptional preserved natural setting. The beach of Moliets offers a unique panorama thanks to the mouth of the Huchet Current, which connects the Léon Lake to the Atlantic Ocean. The nature reserve of the Current flows in the heart of Moliets and can be visited on foot or by boat, with the "bateliers" guides. Once in the heart of the reserve, the vegetation is so rich that it attracts attention, which is why it is considered the "Landes Amazon". You will discover a parade of landscapes, from the marshes to the dunes via the peat bogs. You will have the opportunity to admire a rich biodiversity, with its many botanical varieties and numerous protected bird species. The historic heart of the village also has its own little gems, such as the Saint-Laurent chapel and the Notre-Dame church. Spending your holidays at our campsite in Moliets offers you the advantage of an idyllic setting by the ocean, surrounded by extraordinary flora and fauna. It's the ideal opportunity to get some fresh air and recharge your batteries in the heart of unspoilt nature.

Among the historical and cultural treasures to visit in Moliets is the Chapel of Saint Laurent. Also called "The Chapel of Maâ", it is located in the sector of the same name in the north of the village. In the rue des Templiers, where you will find typical Landais houses right next to modern buildings of recent construction. Built in the 12th century by a Commandery of Templar Knights, the Chapel of Saint Laurent is located in the heart of a pine forest, in the hamlet of Tuc de la Citadel. It is located on the coastal path that pilgrims used to take to reach Santiago de Compostela and served as a refuge for them. The chapel was later abandoned until it was restored in 1990. It can be visited free of charge with a guide every Monday at 11 am in July and August. A visit to the village of Moliets is also the perfect opportunity to visit the church of Notre-Dame, the fountains and the wash houses, located very close to the village. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, patron saint of Moliets, which is celebrated on 15 August. Here you can admire a Gothic portal restored in the 17th century, a wooden statue and a 17th century altarpiece that was originally in the Chapel of Saint Laurent. As for the fountains, discover the fountain of Saint Orens, also called "Pourrut de Maâ" by the locals, and the fountain of La Nane (Fountain of Saint Anne) known to cure skin problems. The fountain of Notre Dame, next to the church, was a place of pilgrimage.

What to do in Moliets

Wondering what to do in Moliets? During your stay in this picturesque Landais village, you can enjoy a variety of activities. Sunbathing, golf, hiking in the heart of nature or a session of water sports. We have activities for all tastes. At Moliets et Maâ, you can enjoy a holiday full of energy or, on the contrary, a quiet holiday, depending on your needs and desires. Would you like to go fishing? Enjoy the many lakes and Currents. The Huchet Current is ideal for combining nature and walks, offering a variety of circuits. You can also go cycling in the forests of the Landes thanks to the numerous cycle paths. The Moliets golf course is located in an exceptional natural setting where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while playing a few holes. and You can also enjoy the beach and the sun of the Landes between two surfing lessons!

For more information on the various activities available in the surrounding area, please visit the Moliets Tourist Office website.

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